Different-Kinds-Of-Mobile-PresencesWhen there is mobile smart phones in the world, there will be more mobile apps available for free download and of course, paid apps. Businesses have seen the advantage of mobile apps, which can help their company gain exposure and further establishing their name and brand. There are many different types of mobile presences. During the 1990s, people know businesses are really established corporations when they had business cards, telephone numbers, and of course, and address. When the internet was introduced to the world, there is a need for a working website for the business. So as the years pass, they have to struggle to meet with the demands of technology. As someone who wants to help establish their name and brand, one should know every type, where there are 3 kinds.

Mobile Website

What is a mobile website? It is just like a regular website, only bite-sized. By bite-sized, it means that it is a website with limited content, or content that is short and sweet. This allows the website to be accessed quickly and more easily. Additionally, it takes a shorter time to load, making it tailor-made for mobile phone use. Not only it is an addition to the regular main website, it is not a replacement.

Responsive Design

As opposed to mobile websites, responsive design is just like a regular website, only that the screen size is optimised to any other screens such as smart phone screens, tablet devices and computer monitors. One good advantage of having responsive design incorporated into the mobile website is that the updating content can be done in just one location, and not through other outlets such as limited content on mobile websites and updating mobile apps.

Dedicated Mobile App

These applications are created especially for mobile smart phones. Generally available for download from application stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store, these mobile apps are great for user interaction, with a much different feel from regular websites. Personal data is used in this function and can only be access when the app is downloaded from the respective app stores. One more advantage is that no internet connection is required for certain apps in order for them to work.

While mobile apps in Singapore are a hit among the population as of these few years, it creates opportunities for businesses to create their own mobile website, mobile app or even incorporate responsive design to make their websites for better viewing. These choices have their pros and cons, and it is ultimately up to the choice of the business on which mobile presence to implement to establish their brand and company.