Mobile-Apps-And-GamingGaming can range from board games like Monopoly and Scrabble to desktop gaming to console gaming like on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, and individuals of all ages indulge in this “sport” gamers call. Towards the mid-2010s, mobile applications have been dominating everyone’s lives ever since its inception in the mid to late 2000s.

Having evolved from simple 2G shaded grid-like 8-bit snake games from colourless candy bar mobile phones to touch and play motion detectable games, mobile gaming has never soared so high into the skies of success ever. Mobile applications were developed for the convenience of the user, also providing him with a pastime while taking the train and bus to work.With games that boast mind-blowing graphics that can rival that of a Nintendo Wii and a Sony Playstation Portable, another important milestone has been achieved in the history of mobile applications.

There is no question that the games becoming available on smartphones are getting more and more captivating, some offering deep storylines, impressively great graphics, and gameplay to die for. Take Singapore for example, mobile apps in Singapore are ever so popular among the population, especially the children, young adult and adult demographics. Nokia released the N-Gage back in the early 2000s, and despite getting rave reviews, the N-Gage turned out to be a fad and sales dropped significantly. This led to the downfall of the said device, which Nokia cancelled at the end, making it into a service instead of a device. In the end, the service was also shut down permanently in 2009. Mobile gaming has grown to be a popular trend in Singapore, where they are influenced by games like Angry Birds and Temple Run, which are well-known to mobile smart phone users around the world.

Mobile apps in Singapore are a staple in a Singaporean’s daily life, where some use GPS mapping apps for directions to get around town or apps that can tell them their heart rate while they are jogging or exercising. No one has been seen playing on their mobile phones since the launch of the classic handheld console, Nintendo GameBoy. Is it a good thing that gaming has encompassed our mobile phones? Only the users will know the true answer.

A significant percentage of mobile phone users have mobile games installed into the mobile phones, which can mean that gaming those take up a huge part of their smart phones. Application stores such as Apple App Store and Google Play Store have more gaming apps than utility apps; both free for download or pay to play. The future of mobile gaming looks really bright, and more people obtain smart phones every passing day, which can only signify that mobile gaming will be cemented in the deep roots of gaming history. Gaming mobile apps in Singapore have only so much more to offer in the future.