Mobile-Apps-in-Singapore-TodayIn a relatively small country in smack dab in the middle of Southeast Asia called Singapore, it is a bustling city with the busiest port in the world. Mobile phones are the staple among the people in Singapore. Communication is easier using them, not to mention more convenient for people. The rise in their popularity made in more than necessary for the introduction of mobile applications, which determine a significant pique in interest in mobile apps. Hence, mobile apps are developed for both corporate and everyday use, as the world has gone into mobile mode.

Back in the past, mobile phones were boxy, big and had limited functionality other than just making outgoing calls and incoming calls. Mobile smart phones now have a plethora of features and functions like torchlight applications, GPS mapping functions, instant messaging and even local radio functions. The evolution of the mobile phone is truly a marvel, as so many advancements can be seen in a short time after the first phone was released to public.

Mobile applications were introduced to the world, with the hope of making a difference, aiding people get through their lives more easily. For example, there are apps launched by local healthcare groups such as Asthma care mobile apps, an app that illustrates the actions that can be taken during the event of an asthma attack.

With the convenience in everyone’s hands, the general population is able to enjoy mobile apps. Gone are the days where people wrote letters to each other, or ever had to reach out for a torch light during a blackout, as there is an app for a torch light in an iPhone. They are no doubt in high demand today, as most operating systems created their very own application stores: App Store for Apple Inc, and Google Play for Android.

Gaming is also one factor that many individuals enjoying using their smart phones. Gaming apps such as Angry Birds and Temple Run have boosted sales on the app stores in major mobile operating systems. Some even say that mobile gaming may even rival that of popular gaming consoles like the Microsoft Xbox and the Nintendo Wii. With the increasing demand of more dynamic mobile games, the future of gaming on smart phones has never been brighter.

Mobile applications in Singapore itself has already dominated many aspects of our lives, with instant messaging and utility apps, there is no doubt that mobile apps will stay in our lives for a very long time.