The future of m-comThe Future of M-Commercemerce is filled with infinite possibilities, as the world gets increasingly more advanced as the days go by. M-commerce is the mobile form of e-commerce, and it is also known as mobile commerce. Transactions can be made by the use of mobile smart phones, with a strong convenience factor in the equation. It can be determined that the value of transactions made via m-commerce is expected to top at a whopping 3.2 trillion dollars by 2017, as compared to 2013’s amount of 1.5 trillion dollars, according to an online report done by mobile market date tracker Juniper Research.

Ever heard of the term “showrooming”? It has nothing to do with a showroom, but it means that a customer typically goes to a physical store to view the product he or she is interested in buying, and instead goes online to purchase it a less expensive price. The rise of showrooming can be observed with individuals who also use m-commerce, which encourages the growth of showrooming as well.

M-commerce is still fresh off its heels in the commercial market, albeit growing at an accelerated rate. E-commerce marketplace websites such as eBay and Amazon has seen significant growth in profit, while other businesses show steady but slow growth in their m-commerce ventures. Although, these businesses share a common mind set: M-commerce is a lucrative investment in the long run, and it can further establish their brand and most importantly, increase sales and boosting their profits. This signifies the tremendous amount of support m-commerce has garnered.

One trend in mobile commerce is the desire to have more information on product, just like e-commerce. Research has shown that consumers demand more information shown for the product on their mobile apps. One thing about this is that not all information can be fitted into mobile phone screen, although it is a convenient for them to use.

Another trend in m-commerce is the use of tablet devices for commercial purposes, where users do their online shopping via the use of tablets. With larger screens, comes more accessibility and portability, an easy feat for the navigation of mobile websites and doing online shopping. Growing in popularity, tablet devices are generally preferred mobile device to do online shopping on. Tablet commerce in general plays a huge part in the profits raked, as determined by the experts.

Mobile commerce is no doubt a rising star in the electronic commerce world. We cannot predict the future, but we can all safely determine that m-commerce will be a successful venture for businesses both large and small. We can only observe the continued growth of m-commerce.